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Skoda's News

Posted by Skoda - March 2nd, 2017

Tutorial is made. Will be uploaded on Sunday.

Post will be edited to embed video.



Posted by Skoda - March 2nd, 2017


Posted by Skoda - February 26th, 2017

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no nooooooooo!!!

The audio is fucked up on my PC. I just got the damn thing a few months ago, what the fuck? Right side is playing louder than the left by a wide margin. Multiple pairs of headphones reveal the same thing, while they all work fine on my phone. Kill me right now.

Posted by Skoda - February 25th, 2017

I scouted @GoldiePanda, just to find out that this user uses GarageBand loops. Shit. I'm just trying to get more artists on the portal, and I've been hitting that scout button/link on a lot of pages lately. I need to slow down, apparently.

Hey, Goldie, don't be discouraged. I used to midi rip all the time. You'll get it eventually, just keep trying!

Posted by Skoda - February 23rd, 2017

Shitacular earsore of a track (:

Posted by Skoda - February 21st, 2017

I'll be here all summer.

Posted by Skoda - February 21st, 2017

I'll only reply to helpful reviews. If your review is ass-kissing, hateful or doesn't make sense, I don't bother.

I'm also making preparations to leave Newgrounds before the end of the year. I'm hoping (before I leave) to find the time to put together a few resources for new musicians, plus a pack of midi files of original material I've made. I'll still make music until the point where I leave. A few of you already know why I am leaving.








Posted by Skoda - January 10th, 2017


  • Listen to what they've got. If they have a lot of stuff, listen to the earliest few submissions and then some newer ones. Then the most recent few. This is to check for growth. Does it sound like they started crummy, and gradually improved? If so, they're probably legit and may not need to prove their authorship. Usually you can safely scout an artist like this.
  • Do a Google Sound Search, Shazam or in some cases, SoundHound on their audio. You might be able to pick up stolen stuff instead of troubling yourself with a song thief. Best to do this with good speakers, not crappy laptop speakers.
  • Look around for similarly named remixes on YouTube. It might be a stolen remix.
  • If you don't think they're good enough, leave at least a couple of constructive reviews. At least you'll be helping them to improve. Don't just tell them they're not good enough.
  • Ask them how long they've been making music. Some artists on Newgrounds have been at it for over a decade and are indeed very good. In the case of some unscouted users, they will be well established on YouTube and want to provide download links for their songs or gather a new audience, only to find out about the scouting process.
  • If they're very popular on YouTube or SoundCloud, snoop around a bit. It might be a poser/thief on NG. If only the most popular songs have been uploaded, you might have found a song thief posing as a popular artist. Contact a moderator about any scenario like this either through a PM or post about it on the Audio Portal Cleanup Thread. Note that popular people like this are already established and usually won't create an account on Newgrounds. Some have, but it doesn't happen often.
  • Ask for more music from them, especially if you believe that they are uploading content that doesn't belong to them. This could reveal a stolen song you recognize.
  • Contact a moderator if you believe they're not legit. It is the moderators' job to check out the legitimacy of possible poser accounts.


  • Recommend or scout a user because their stuff is amazing. It might be stolen.
  • Recommended or scout a user because they asked for a scout, for the same reason, or because they might not be good at all. If they're begging to be scouted, it's possible they're just trying to get stolen songs on Geometry Dash. Songs need to be downloadable in order to be used in Geometry Dash. You'll notice that the "Download This Song!" button is not present on any unscouted audio.
  • Ask for a project file or other burden of proof. This is a moderator's job. However, if they already have a "making of" video on YouTube, you may take that into account when trying to determine authenticity.
  • Continue to try to work with someone who's giving you attitude or thinks you're an asshole because you won't scout them. These kind of people aren't mature enough for the audio portal or interaction with the general public. They'll make Newgrounds look bad.
  • Scout someone who is well established elsewhere without confirmation from moderators. If they're popular on YouTube or SoundCloud and start uploading to Newgrounds, it might be a song thief posing as said popular YouTuber/SoundCloud user.
  • Scout someone who has only uploaded remixes. NG is for original works! Also, a user who makes shit tons of remixes is likely to break (or have broken) at least one of four rules in the audio portal - stolen songs, remixes/covers of music represented by a major record label, midi ripping or use of copyrighted sounds, such as vocals or instrumentals.
  • Tell them straight up that they suck. That's not cool.

@EDM364 @NekoMika did I miss any key points?

Posted by Skoda - October 18th, 2016

I have a formula for the length of your loop based on the tempo and number of measures, where L = the length of the loop in seconds, B = BPM, T = the number of beats per measure (the top number in your time signature) and M = the number of measures your loop spans.

L = M×(60/(B/T)

If you don't understand algebra well enough, I'll explain. Divide your BPM by the number of beats per measure (if you're using 4/4, then it's obviously divide by 4; if it's 3/4, divide by 3). Then do 60 divided by that result. Then multiply by the number of measures. You'll probably end up with a weird decimal number most of the time, so use that zoom feature and use the nearest sample (those little dots you see when you zoom in very close; those are called samples). Once you're done highlighting, use Export Selected Audio and you're good to go!

Example: my song is 120 bpm with a 4/4 time signature. I have 32 measures in my loop. 120 divided by 4 is 30. 60 divided by 30 is 2. 2 times 32 is 64. My loop is 64 seconds (1 minute, 4 seconds) long. In my DAW, I make my loop run 3 times back to back. After mixing it down to a wav file, I would import that file into Audacity and highlight (to the sample) from 1:04 to 2:08 (minus one sample at the end). I use Export Selected Audio in the file menu, and export a perfectly looping mp3 file. Bam.

If you'd like to see a demonstration of this, I made a video doing it myself.


Posted by Skoda - August 15th, 2016

Why is this getting beat

by this?

Stop clicking on Dubstep tracks on Newgrounds all the time, half of them are garbage, just like this.