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Skoda's News

Posted by Skoda - June 16th, 2016

I don't put up much original content, let alone allow it to be downloaded, so enjoy this little freebie that I started 6 months ago, finally got around to completing it.

EDIT: Let me know if you use it for a game or video. I'd be happy to see it.

Posted by Skoda - June 16th, 2016



Posted by Skoda - June 15th, 2016

Last Thursday, I uploaded two Undertale covers. They are in slots 2 and 3 of popular audio. Looks like both of them will be featured, though A-bot (or the mods) might decide otherwise. It would be the first time I get two tracks featured  in the same week. Whatever, it's Undertale music in SEGA Genesis form, it doesn't surprise me. I'm gonna be uploading two tracks tomorrow. One is Metallica, the other is an original. I'd like to have an original track get featured, but I have a feeling I'm a long way off from that.

Posted by Skoda - June 14th, 2016

Well, my cat got fleas running around outside and brought them in the house. Now I gotta give him a flea bath and bomb the house. Fuck.

Tomorrow, MrApophis's audio ban is up, and I have a feeling he'll be reposting his shit audio, even though he said he's got "better sites to frequent" lol what a piece of shit. Good thing the mods unscouted him.

Last, but not least, some 16 bit Metallica is on the way, as well as an original track. I appreciate that y'all like my 16 bit Undertale so much, but please get me featured with an original track. I work hard on original content (that's why it's so rare from me). Plus, I've been told that it sounds better than my covers, anyway. Look out for me this Thursday.

Posted by Skoda - June 12th, 2016

SEGA Genesis version of which song?

UB40 - Red Red Wine

Usher - You Make Me Wanna

Korn - Falling Away From Me

M83 - Midnight City

4 very different songs. Leave a comment. If you have a request for a different one, go ahead and ask. No guarantees.

Posted by Skoda - June 12th, 2016

I farted.

Posted by Skoda - June 9th, 2016




Posted by Skoda - June 8th, 2016

Hit play :)

Posted by Skoda - June 8th, 2016

Damn right. Check in tomorrow. This one sounds more like the SEGA Genesis than the other 3 I did.

Posted by Skoda - June 7th, 2016

already on SoundCloud

↑ Loop version of that will be uploaded here

Then there's this:

Both of these are reboots with real YM2612 and PSG, not just real DAC.