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Here's another track for ya.

Posted by Skoda - June 17th, 2016

But it's only on SoundCloud. I'll put it up here next Thursday.


Comments (8)

Wait can Mixcraft have Sytrus?

I'm fairly certain it can. It uses Harmor, Nexus and Massive just fine.

Nice. I made a preset for sytrus. I can't get a good sound for it though ;(

Patience. Or download a preset and edit it to your taste.

I downloaded a few I might use one. All I need is good piano presets.

Ah, I almost never use piano in my songs.

I kind of got a piano thing on my track now, doesn't sound that good, but it will do. I might post a preview of what I made.

You gotta try. You can't start off being good. Try some covers of pop songs from the 80s (it's always awesome). Get your mixing skill up to par and learn a little about composition when you look at the notes in the midi files.

I can try, but I am not much of an 80's person.

Oh, well. I'm probably gonna do a couple of 80s songs in dubstep in the next couple of months.

Oh nice. If you got the full Massive get some good dubstep presets. I got a few after I remade the terrible original.

I really don't find Massive to be all that good. I used it a couple of times, but I find my chiptune VSTs (half of which are FM synthesizers anyway) to be much more suitable for dubstep. I made a dubstep remix of the Ice Cap from Sonic 3; the majority of the sounds were chiptune VST instruments. Only one instrument was Massive.

Massive can be good for dubstep in my opinion, but you use different. Massive Dubstep I think is for none chiptune stuff. I don't know, I never make chiptune stuffs.

I'm just saying that it is really not much different from the stuff that comes with Mixcraft. Plus, I get the job done with all the chip VSTs I have on hand. Massive is also massive on the CPU, I get too much lag as opposed to my FM and analog synths. When you're working with more than 30 midi tracks, shit gets crazy.

Ah I see.