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A question for typical NG dwellers

Posted by Skoda - June 23rd, 2016

Out of the people who listen to music a lot, who actually likes the music played on the pop stations? Anyone?

I hate it. Can't stand it. It instantly annoys me. About 15 years ago, I listened to the radio all the time. Now, it's not the same. It's just ass these days. Pop music turned to shit a few years before Obama got into office. Rock music, too. And even country music is gabage now. What the fuck?

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what happened is
there is actually a list of songs that the stations are supposed to play, and those have been around well before Obama

it's just that today's musical generation has a lack of creativity

Yeah, there is a general lack of creativity, and apparently a lack of good taste in music. If no one supported the shit they play, it would change. It's a profit driven business.
I can't say there's no creativity in today's generation, though. The proof is right here, in the audio portal :D

Country was always garbage imho. My family only listens to country, it made me hate music until I came here and developed a newfound liking to electronic. I guess I don't like it because of the pitch and the monotonous ideas for lyrics.

Hmm. I enjoyed country music until about 10 years ago, when it started to become degenerate. I appreciate the simplicity and the "real life" lyrics it tended to have (until it started to be like pop). It's almost beautiful to me. To each their own, I suppose. Johnny Cash to Toby Keith, it's always been something I revisit now and then.
EDIT: Yes, I know it's weird that a chiptune artist likes country music. My range of taste in music can't be beat by anyone.

Ohh well I didn't listen to country before then. I guess it depends on what station. My mom listened to artists like Jason Aldean, Billy Currington, etc. I just couldn't get into it. Then again, I prefer silence in some situations. I had my mom listen to a Skrillex song and she had no idea how I could like that stuff XD

Jason Aldean? Degenerate pop grade stuff, try some Toby Keith or Brad Paisley. Or even Alan Jackson. THAT is country music.
And I could see how someone would find Skrillex unlistenable. Like metal, it's quite aggressive and noisy. Not for everyone (though I do enjoy it sometimes).

Brad Paisley is another favorite in the family.

I'm a huge dubstep freak. It took a long time for me to like it however. Sometimes I go to the Google Play Music stations for dubstep and there's nothing good unless it was released through Monstercat.

I don't bother with Google Play Music. I always find good dubstep on Pandora, especially Excision. I think you should try some metal. I recommend you start with (older) Freedom Call. Or Dragonland. It's power metal, so you don't have to worry about that cookie monster shit. Maybe, if would like something more artistic, go with Dark Moor. They blend classical and metal with some operatic/theatrical vocals. "The Moon" is a very nice take on Beethoven's 5th.

The radio station in my area only plays older classic rock and stuff like that, with a few popular tracks sprinkled here and there.

Hmm. Weird. I remember a station in Harrisburg several years ago that played a wide variety of music, but it was limited to late 80s-early 2000s. Never before heard of a radio station that plays Eminem and Motley Crue.