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You did everything else right, at least. I just wish she had more of a nose... Maybe it's just me.

Wow. Nice and simple, but with good shading. But why does this remind me of Fry from Futurama?

I can't help but think that this would be an opponent in a fighting game, and this particular art would be the loading screen that comes right before the fight. I can't really give any constructive criticism to this because I don't see anything wrong with it. I usually might just complain about the lack of a background, but the white background with the black stripe, simple as it is, actually enhances the character's viciousness and makes one envision that something intense is about to start. Good work!

Colorgreen responds:

Thanks a bunch


Rat-Chili responds:

Gee thanks!!

Yo, this is pretty good. I recommended you for the art portal!

God60 responds:

Thank you very much! Have a nice day

It's better than most madness stuff I see. Much cooler.

Dizzel responds:

Thanks buddy!

Simple, yet beautiful. I love the shades of green used here. Almost like an under water themed lady. I could imagine that she's a mermaid. My only complaint is that there's no real background, but I guess your intent was to keep it simple.

StarksNotDead responds:

Thank you so much :3
I guess it's a gem, maybe emerald?.. It was a free request, so adding a background would be too luxurious xD

That's actually decent. Though it's a cartoon, you managed to make it look slightly 3D through your use of lighting. Really good for someone who doesn't think they are.

Maakurika responds:

eheh, thank you c: I'm drawing for years now but recently (two months ago) decided to start with digital art~

This is even better than I expected from you. The 3D render, the blur, and the perspective is all perfect. Poor dog! xD

SergiPintor responds:

Thank you! I'm very glad that you like it.

Neat. I wasn't expecting the animation. It looks like something you might see in a game when you start it up, right before the title appears on screen.

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