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This is beautiful. I can't understand any of the lyrics (if there are any; maybe it's gibberish). That doesn't affect my rating, though. Two things drop it down for me. For one, the whole thing sounds muffled due to the lack of high end sounds (high hats, cymbals and other stuff in that range). The other thing (that perhaps others wouldn't have much of a problem with) is the circle panning at the beginning. I don't like when just the right side of my headphones is playing. Too much of that can cause a permanent off-to-the-left balance in headphones and speakers. Not sure why. Otherwise, this is amazing.

Whoa, this sounds legit SNES. Crystal clear, but like there are small, thin pillows over the speakers. And it's kinda catchy, too. The kind of stuff that gets glued to your brain. Good work.

ade-syndicate responds:

Thank you very much! The "SNES-y" feel is caused by samples with really low sample rates being pitch shifted even lower. So, all of the high-ends are missing.

Thank you for the kind words!

This is pretty nice, truly early 80s video games. Sounds like it would fit in a difficult side scroller. My only advice is to try removing the zero offset on your waveforms in order to make the whole thing louder.

I'm glad to hear both of these themes together in one awesome metal cover. And that weird synth that comes in around 2:10 was a nice touch. Unexpected, but nice. I love everything about this, really, from the orchestral bit to the chimes. A diverse group of instruments here, and they all jell together surprisingly well. You are a very talented person, keep doing what you're doing.

Sweet nostalgia, indeed. I'm loving that Megadrive-like bass instrument. Faved and downloaded.

It sounds all Christmasy, and I love it. I especially like the 8 bit sounds mixed in throughout. Tubular bells and a square wave? A rare, diverse mix of instruments here, and you made them go together like peanut butter and jelly. And here, the bass is just right. I think I'll enjoy following you on NG.

I want to hear moar like this. It reminds me of the 90s video games. My only complaint is that the bass is not as heavy as I'd like it to be, but everything else about it is so perfect that it still deserves a 5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful track with us here on NG.

Polka with a Spanish/Caribbean vibe, I say. That trumpet just has that kind of melody. And the trilling on a certain backing instrument (you know which one I mean) just reinforces the (slight) Caribbean feel. There should definitely be a reggae version of this.

I would love to hear this while watching things explode. It makes me feel happy :D

Bertn1991 responds:

That would be strangely fitting.

Oh my God, this is reminiscent of Dueling Banjos. Well, slightly. And it also reminds me of Super Mario 64's music, especially the speed levels. The reverb was a bit overdone on the backing instruments, but other than that, no complaints here.
EDIT: totally rocking out with this one *hint hint*

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